Review: Gnarl Writes a Book: Sort of… by Shaun McGrath

Note: The writer of this article was given a free copy of this ebook by the author himself.

This is seemingly a semi-autobiographical parody of a hobbyist writer trying to write books and the millions of distractions life throws at one while doing so. Making a living owning a farm, and taking care of chickens with the wife.

The scenery changes and the issues that arise are amusing enough. The writer himself falls asleep and starts dreaming of a sci-fi scenario, which intertwines itself loosely into a a dragon-slaying fantasy world, and then onto a ship sailing the sea. When the author snaps back to reality they find themselves going back into their unfinished stories from years ago, and trying to merge them into their current projects.

Reading some of their other work, confirmed my suspicion that on on a level, this story is wish-fulfillment for the author themselves. However, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

An amusing 4 star light light read at only 76 pages. Despite some formatting issues, I was able to read this comfortably.

It is available for 2.99 as an eBook here:

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