Todays Read: Melody of a Street Corner by Sean Rivercritic

This is a tiny update unfortunately, but I hope to start doing actual reviews soon.

This is the second Goal Publications “Pocket Shot” book that I have read. I am not sponsored by the publisher in any way or form to write this post.

A pocket-sized 46 page read I read while waiting on a Zoom call. Having read the description, I knew I had to check it out as it is set in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s a place close to where I spent my childhood summer vacations, Grand Haven.

Roland is an abandoned youth, left by their parents outside a grocery store. There, Roland grows up under the wing of his mentor, a busking homeless fox violinist named Christophe. After Christophe passes, they soon find themselves both without a father figure, and without a place to play their violin.

A comfy 20 minute read in a tiny book. I like the size of these. They’re a change of pace and as well, the shape and cover art make one curious about the contents.

This pocket sized story can be bought in physical form here at Goal Publication’s website, as well they also offer the story as an eBook.